2.3.2003 stallion, dark buckskin, line Arab, Studfarm Akhalt-Servis, Eisk, Russia


MEASUREMENTS:  height at withers - 155cm cannon girth - 19,0 
1122 Aksum 1076 Melekush 960 Mukhtar 858 Ametist
1609 Melekush
1797 Kepgir (Kopeler) 685 Angar
1554 Kelte
2543 Akgozel 39 995 Kerzi 896 Kerogly
1603 Maya (Maisa)
1726 Arfa 858 Ametist
1416 Aishat
2698 Davenda 1195 Ekemen 1066 Kemal 871 Gindukush
1506 Elan
2277 Elan II. 866 Vatanchi
1185 Elek
2724 Dogadka 949 Dornazarbek 935 Yulduz
1688 Fialka
1488 Djakhan 801 Spesivii
1252 Kepderi (Lachin)



21.2.2007 fily DOGULMAK, dark bay, out of mare Dorkeik  EXPORTED Austria 
16.2.2007 fily MUKAM, palomino,  out of mare Meksika  
5.5.2007 colt DEMIRGAZYK, golden palomino, out of mare Eseira, breeder Johana Moutelikova (partbred)      EXPORTED France 
18.3.2008 colt DAHILLY, buckskin,  out of mare Meksika  EXPORTED Netherlands
18.2.2009 fily DERYA, bay, out of mare Dorkeik  
13.2.2010 colt DILEMEK, buckskin, out of mare Sirena  
9.3.2010 fily MANLAYLY, buckskin, out of mare Meksika  
2.5.2010 colt DAYAW DURMUSH, palomino, out of mare Gaspur, breeder Jirina Simandlova (partbred)  
2.3.2011 colt DOK ADA, dark buckskin, out of mare Dorkeik EXPORTED Austria
11.4.2011 colt DUYGY, perlino, out of mare Eseira, breeder Barbora Iblova (partbred)  
5.4.2012 colt DILEWAR, buckskin, out of mare  Meksika  
5.2.2017 colt DAMIAN LBVK, light bay, out of mare Aliandra, breeder Lenka Benediktova EXPORTED Germany
17.4.2019 filly ARY D-Keik, bay, out of mare Alba  
20.6.2021 colt DURLY D-Keik, palomino, out of mare Dorkeik EXPORTED Slovakia
16.7.2023 filly DANG D-Keik, bay,  out of mare Dogrucyllyk D-Keik, farma Dorkeik  


DAMASK was born  2.3.2003 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service, Russia. He was imported to Czech Republic as a yearling, together with his mother. He is the horse with elegant movement, with a lot of space and excells with his beautiful neck line, with typical long flat poll. This beautiful neck line transfers to his offspring  totally, same as good character. He has been used in breeding since spring 2006.

In 2008 he participated in a flat race, „Prize of Boinou“, distance 1200m and placed 4th. Same year, in the Race of Eastern Breeds which was held during exhibition „Horses in Action“ in Pardubice, he placed 2nd. In 2009 he placed 2nd in the flat race „Prize of Boinou“, this time at the distance of 1600m.

Damask´s origin is based on combination of Arab and El line. From the dam´ s side of pedigree he is inbred V, V on stallion 982 Almaz and from the sire´s side IV, IV on stallion Ametist. Ametist is the record holder on distance of 2000m (2:11,5). Ametist is the son of the dressage Olympic winner, stallion 668 Absent, who is descendant of legendary grey stallion 26 Arab. This stallion (under his „sport“ name Kazbek), excelled in different riding disciplines. At the age of 16 he overcame the jump with the height 2.19 m. In 1935 Arab participated in Ashkhabad-Moscow ride for 4.300 km.

Stallion 26 Arab founded his own line to which Damask belongs.

Damask´s sire is stallion 1122 Aksum, dark chestnut, born 1993 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service, Russia, by stallion 1070 Melekush, out of mare 2543 Akgozel. He is massive stallion, with long back and lower height (154 cm). Since 2006 he has been used in breeding at the studfarm Daghestanskii, Russia. Aksum was not performed in sport, neither in races. Except others, he is the sire of elite stallion Magnatli, who is used in breeding in USA.

Aksum´s sire, buckskin stallion Melekush, was born in 1985 at the studfarm „Komsomol“ in Turkmenistan. He was extremely typical stallion, with evaluation of type 9,6 points. At the exhibition in Tbilisi in 1988 he got diploma of III. Degree. As 2-3 years old he raced at the racetracks in Ashkhabad and Kiev. In 11 starts he won twice, once placed 2nd and twice third. His best time was 1.10s – distance 1000m.

Aksum´s dam, elite black mare 2543 Akgozel (995 Kerzi – 1726 Arfa), was born at the studfarm Daghestanskii. Except others she produced stallion Asket, who became World champion in the category of „working“ horses in 2003 and then in 2004 he became World Virtual Champion. He is now used as a breeding sire. The daughter of Akgozel, mare Akpay (by Palmar), placed 3rd at the World championship in the cathegory of 2 years old mares.

Akgozel´s sire, black stallion 995 Kerzi is considered to be one of the most typical horses of Kaplan line. He raced 18 times at Ashkhabad racetrack, won 3 times, 9 times placed 2nd and once third and fourth. Kerzi´s sire is golden bay stallion 896 Kerogly, son of the founder of the line, stallion 721 Kaplan. Kerogly was typical, quite tall (161 cm) stallion of correct conformation. He raced as 2-7 years old and participated in 50 races. He won 13 times, placed 24 times, once finished 4th.

Damask´s dam, mare 2698 Davenda, is the daughter of elite stallion 1195 Ekemen, who was born in Uzbekistan from covering in Turkmenistan. Ekemen was not tested in sport, but his sire 1066 Kemal, born 1977, raced as 2-4 years old. In 15 starts he won 4 times, twice placed 2nd and 4 times third. Kemal´s sire, 871 Gindukush, is the record holder on the distance of 2.800 m (3:09,6 min). Davenda produced at her native studfarm 3 foals. First of them was stallion Karakhan, who placed third at the World Championship in 2003 and who is used as a breeding stallion now. The second foal was filly Diamanta (by 1227 Makat), who died and third descendant was Damask. Since 2004 Davenda has been producing at the farm Achalteke Tukleky of Petra Maresova. Davenda belongs to El line.

From dam´s side Damask belongs to the family founded by mare 1252 Kepderi.











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