SOLD  New owner Karl Gűnter, Austria

2.3. 2011 stallion, dark buckskin, line Arab, familie Kepderi, farm Achalteke Dorkeik



Míry: KVH 165cm

dark buckskin, 2003
1122 Aksum
1076 Melekush 960 Mukhtar
1797 Kepgir (Kopeler)
2543 Akgozel 39 995 Kerzi
1726 Arfa
2698 Davenda
dark buckskin
1195 Ekemen 1066 Kemal
2277 Elan II.
2724 Dogadka 949 Dornazarbek
1488 Djakhan
, 2000
1069 Kortik
969 Rokot 902 Kirgi
1842 Rovshan
1987 Korsika 897 Kizil
1547 Karusel
2724 Dogadka
949 Dornazarbek 935 Yulduz
1688 Fialka
1488 Djakhan 801 Spesivii
1252 Kepderi (Lachin)

DOK ADA was born 2.3.2011 at 22.12 by Damask, out of Dorkeik. It's very typical colt,  nice head and long neck with correct conformation, with flat, spacious movement. He have very good character, he is self-confident, balanced and comunicative.

Her pedigree is based on quite rare combination of Arab and Toporbai lines. In both maternal parts of pedigree, we can find these inbreedings through mare 2724 Dogadka: III x IV on stallion Dornazarbek, son of 935 Yulduz. Then IV x V on Spesivii and V,V on Almaz. On the sire´s side we can find inbreeding V, V on stallion 858 Ametist.

By her sire Dok Ada belongs to Arab line. This line was recognized not until 1994, after 14 years of monitoring of descendants of founding stallion, grey 26 Arab.

Her sire, dark buckskin Damask, was as a yearling, in 2004, imported to Czech Republic from Russian studfarm Akhalt-Service. Since 2006 he is used in breeding. 14.6.2008 Damask passed his first life start in a race and finished 4th (Prize of Boinou, 1200m, Pardubice racetrack). One year later, 13.6.2009, in the same race, this time on distance 1600m, Damask finished 2nd. Damask is from his dam´s side half-brother to black stallion Karakhan, who placed 3rd at the World Akhal Teke Championship in 2003.

Damask´s sire is stallion 1122 Aksum, dark chestnut, was born 1993 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service, Russia and now is used in breeding at the studfarm Dagestanskii. Aksum´s sire, buckskin stallion Melekush, was born in 1985 at the studfarm „Komsomol“ in Turkmenistan. He was extremely typical stallion, with evaluation of type 9,6 points. At the exhibition in Tbilisi in 1988 he got diploma of III. Degree. As 2-3 years old he raced at the racetracks in Ashkhabad and Kiev. In 11 starts he won twice, once placed 2nd and twice third. Aksum´s dam, elite black mare 2543 Akgozel 39 (995 Kerzi-1726 Arfa), born at the studfarm Dagestanskii, is the daughter of black stallion 995 Kerzi. Kerzi is considered to be one of the most typical horses of Kaplan line. He raced 18 times at Ashkhabad racetrack, won 3 times, 9 times placed 2nd and once third and fourth. Kerzi´s sire is golden bay stallion 896 Kerogly, son of the founder of the line, stallion 721 Kaplan. Kerogly was typical stallion of correct conformation. He raced as 2-7 years old and participated in 50 races. He won 13 times, placed 24 times, once finished 4th.

Damask´s dam, mare 2698 Davenda, is the daughter of elite stallion 1195 Ekemen, who was born in Uzbekistan from covering in Turkmenistan. Ekemen was not tested in sport, but his sire 1066 Kemal, born 1977, raced as 2-4 years old. In 15 starts he won 4 times, twice placed 2nd and 4 times third. Kemal´s sire, 871 Gindukush, is the record holder on the distance of 2.800 m (3:09,6 min).

Dok Adas´s dam is mare Dorkeik, very typical mare of correct conformation, with spacious, flat movement. In 2004 whe was imported to Czech Republic from the studfarm Akhalt-Service, Russia. Dorkeik´s sire is elite stallion 1069 Kortik (969 Rokot-1987 Korsika), bay, born 1984 at the studfarm Chagorta, Russia. He raced as 2-4 years old, participated in 14 starts. He won once, fourth times finished 2nd and three times third. He got Diploma of the III. Degree at the exhibition in Tbilisi in 1988 and won the evaluation of movement competition.

Dorkeik´s dam is mare 2724 Dogadka, bay, born at the studfarm Stavropol. Her sire 949 Dornazarbek raced in Piatigorsk, in 9 starts he won once and 3 times finished 3rd. Dogadka´s dam, bay mare 1488 Djakhan, was born 1966 at the studfarm Tersk. She raced as 2-4 years old in Piatigorsk and Baku. In 26 starts she won 4 times, 8 times placed 2nd and 5 times third. Grandfather of Dogadka is stallion 935 Yulduz, who is considered by many breeders to be the ideal of Akhal Teke horse. This stallion is direct descendant of founder of his line, stallion 697 Gelishikli and is considered to be his best son.

From the dam´s side Dok Ada belongs to the family founded by mare 1252 Kepderi (Lachin).










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