SOLD New owner: Tamás Vincze, Slovakia

29.3. 2002 mare, buckskin, line El, Familie Taifa, Studfarm Akhalt-Servis, Eisk, Russia


MEASUREMENTS:  height at withers - 154cm cannon girth - 


1195 Ekemen 1066 Kemal 871 Gindukush 682 Almaz
1161 Giarsashli
1506 Elan 682 Almaz
1187 Elim
2277 Elan II. 866 Vatanchi 724 Karakir (Karakunon)
1469 Guldjakhan
1185 Elek 881 Kazbek
1184 Elan
2936 Sogdiana 1039 Galkan 945 Gerden 721 Kaplan
1243 Kachakhchi
1429 Alkeik 885 Kambar
1213 Kamina
2450 Sayatkhanum 985 Dagestan 935 Yulduz
1685 Fakiya
1726 Arfa 858 Ametist
1416 Aishat




8.6. 2007 filly SHADYAN, golden buckskin, by sire Mingam, line Toporbai 

EXPORTED Switzerland

2008 absorption - Frozen sperm stallion 1079 Melesur  
2009 absorption (Damask)  
13.2.2010 colt DILEMEK, buckskin, by sire Damask, line Arab

Tereza Slovackova,CZ

2011 is not covered  
2012 is not covered  
16.6. 2013 colt GOWY DOST, grey, by sire Gobi Gush, line Gundogar EXPORTED Italy
2014 is not covered  
2015 is not covered  
18.6.2016 colt DUMANLY D-Keik, cremello, by sire Derkar, line Arab  
2017 is not covered  
2018 is not covered  


SIRENA was born 29.3.2002 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service, Russia. 30.1.2004 she was imported together with our other horses to Czech Republic. In Sirena´s pedigree we can find many inbreedings, IV x IV on 682 Almaz, V x V on founder of his line 697 Gelishikli, V x V, V on stallion 736 Keimir, and then on the sire´s side V,V on 711 Erkus and on dam´s side on 432 Karlavach.

Sirena´s sire is stallion Ekemen, perlino, born 1991 in Uzbekistán. Ekemen is inbred IV x V x V on founder of his line, stallion 100 El and is typical representative of this line. He himself was not tested in sport, but his sire 1066 Kemal, born 1977, raced as 2-4 years old. In 15 starts he won 4 times, twice placed 2nd and 4 times third. Kemal´s sire, 871 Gindukush, is the record holder on the distance of 2.800 m (3:09,6 min).

Sirena belongs by her sire to El line.

Sirena´s dam, mare 2936 Sogdiana (1039 Galkan-2450 Sayatkhanum), belongs to Kaplan line. She was born in 1990 at the studfarm Stavropol, Russia. This mare has produced 11 foals, 8 of them by Ekemen. From this combination were born two full sisters to Sirena, mares Seil and Selesta, who placed at the World Akhal Teke championship on the third and sixth place. Seil became Reserve Virtual World Champion in 2004. Selesta is now in France, where she was in 2006 evaluated as the best mare.

Sirena´s grandmother, mare Sayatkhanum, is the daughter of succesful racehorse and Champion of the breed, stallion 985 Dagestan. Dagestan was born in 1976 in Dagestan. He racek as 2-5 years old in Piatigorsk and as 6 years old in Krasnodar. At the age of 6 he won three prominent races. Also Dagestan´s dam, mare Fakia, reached very good time on distance of 1600 m – 1.46,1. She won „Prize of Otkrytia“ and „Letnii Prize“.

In the pedigree of Siren we can find the son of Olympic dressage winner 668 Absent, stallion 858 Ametist, who is record holder on distance of 2000 m (2:11,5). Among her other ancestors let us name also famous stallion 885 Kambar, who was big pride of Turkmenistan. He was outstanding racehorse, in 59 starts he won 32 times and placed 26 times. He became the most distinctive continuator of Karlavach line.

Sirena belongs to the family founded by mare 391 Taifa 53. To this family belongs e.g. elite breeding stallion 943 Arslan (Gelishikli line) or one of the best broodmares, 1408 Agava.





















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(c) Kristyna Znamenackova




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