19.3. 2000 - 9.5.2023

mare, bay, line Toporbai, family Kepderi, Studfarm Akhalt-Servis, Eisk, Russia


MEASUREMENTS:  height at withers - 158cm cannon girth - 18,5 
1069 Kortik 969 Rokot 902 Kirgi 778 Murgab
1483 Delegatka
1842 Rovshan 828 Fakirpelvan
1388 Fraksiya
1987 Korsika 897 Kizil 721 Kaplan
1170 Dzeren
1547 Karusel 682 Almaz
1269 Krasota
2724 Dogadka 949 Dornazarbek 935 Yulduz 697 Gelishikli
1158 Gul
1688 Fialka 682 Almaz
1381 Filfil
1488 Djakhan 801 Spesivii 569 Skak
1252 Kepderi (Lachin) Terkush
969 Temri



21.2.2007 filly DOGULMAK, dark bay - by sire Damask, line Arab  EXPORTED Austria
2008 absorption - Frozen sperm stallion 1079 Melesur  
18.2.2009 filly DERYA, bay, by sire Damask, line Arab         
 2010 is not covered  
2.3.2011 colt DOK ADA, d.buckskin, by sire Damask, line Arab EXPORTED Austria 
21.4.2012 colt DERKAR, buckskin, by sire Dahilly, line Arab EXPORTED China 
2013 abort, by sire Gobi Gush  
3.6.2014 filly DALCHYN DODAK D-Keik, bay, by sire Gobi Gush, line Gundogar EXPORTED Switzerland
2015 is not covered  
18.4.2016 filly DOGRUCYLLYK D-Keik, grey by sire Gobi Gush, line Gundogar  
2017 is not covered  
14.4.2018 filly DENIZ D-Keik, l.bay, by sire Khadir, line Posman EXPORTED Bulgaria
2019 is not covered  
3.3.2020 filly DOR DUR D-Keik, light bay, by sire Khadir, line Posman  
20.6.2021 colt DURLY D-Keik, palomino, by sire Damask, line Arab EXPORTED Slovakia
4.5.2023 filly DORKEYIK  D-Keik, light bay , by sire Gengesh, line Sovhoz 2.  


DORKEIK was born 19.3.2000 at the studfarm Akhalt-Service, Russia. She is very typical mare, in many traits similar to her dam. She inherited spacey movement from her sire. Her name means in translation „Bay Gazelle“ and we have decided to use the name for our farm too.

Dorkeik is inbred IV x IV on stallion 682 Almaz, V x V,V on stallion 629 Fakir Sulu and V,V on Tillya Kush. Dorkeik pedigree is based on the combination of the Toporbai and Gelishikli line.

Dorkeik belongs by her sire to one of the oldest, original Turkmen line, Toporbai.

Dorkeik´s sire is elite stallion 1069 Kortik (969 Rokot-1987 Korsika), bay, born 8.5.1984 at the studfarm Chagorta, Russia. Kortik was quite succesful at the racetrack (1600m – 1:49,2). He raced as 2-4 years old, participated in 14 starts. He won once, fourth times finished 2nd and three times third. He got Diploma of the III. Degree at the exhibition in Tbilisi in 1988 and won the evaluation of movement competition. He left in breeding elite sons 1227 Makat and 1744 Grand Kuli. Another of his sons, golden buckskin Mingam, is producing since 2004 in Czech Republic on the farm Achalteke Tukleky.

Kortik´s sire, stallion Rokot, contributed a lot to the preservation of Toporbai line. Most of today´s representatives are his descendants. Except above mentioned Kortik, Rokot sired e.g. elite black stallion Jazyr (out of 1880 Yalma) or golden bay Azhdar (out of 2092 Ada). Kortik´s dam, mare 1987 Korsika raced as 2 years old in 3 starts, once won and once placed third.

Dorkeik´s dam is mare 2724 Dogadka (949 Dornazarbek – 1488 Djakhan), bay, born 1987 at the studfarm Stavropol, Russia.  Her sire, Dornazarbek, raced at the Piatigorsk racetrack. In 9 starts he once won and three times placed third. Dogadka´s dam, bay 1488 Djakhan, was born in 1966 at the studfarm Tersk, Russia. She raced as 2-4 years old at the racetracks in Piatigorsk and Baku. In 26 starts she won 4 times, 8 times placed 2nd and 5 times third. Grandfather of Dogadka, 935 Yulduz, is considered by many breeders to be the ideal of Akhal Teke horse. This stallion is direct descendant of the founder of his line, stallion 697 Gelishikli and is considered to be his best son.

Dogadka is very good broodmare, till today she has produced 13 foals. Let us mention e.g. filly Derzost (by 2297 Zakhmet), who placed 2nd in the cathegory of yearling fillies at the World championship in 2005. One of Dogadka´s sons, Dubler (by 1195 Ekemen) was imported to Czech Republic in 2004, since 2007 he is licenced for breeding. He is in the ownership of Petra Maresova from the farm Achalteke Tukleky.

From dam´s side Dorkeik belongs to the family founded by mare 1252 Kepderi (Lachin).









(c)Zuzana Buranova



(c) Kristyna Znamenackova

2004 -2006