We have started with Akhal Teke breeding in 2002. That year we brought sorrel partbred mare Gaspur from the former farm Achalteke in Chrastava nearby Liberec. Gaspur was followed by partbred mare Esera few months later .Other four horses, this time purebred Akhal Tekes, came 30.1.2004 from far southern Russia, from the studfarm Akhalt-Service.The name for our small farm we have borrowed from one of our mares. Her name Dorkeik, which means bay or wild gazelle in Turkmen, thruthfully describes these horses.  

My interest in Akhal Teke horses is dated to 1972. This year my Dad brought me the book „Коннозаводство и конный спорт“ from Moscow. From many and many photos I was, as 11 years old child, impressed by three of them. I had still returned to them, on all of them were Akhal Teke horses – stallion Kaplan and Azat and mare Enish. I was intrigued by their gracility and elegance and this is how has started up my „infliction“ by these horses.

Our breeding goal is to breed purebred Akhal Teke horses of good type and good character. Horses, who will be good partners for thein owner, who will be responsible as so-called „family horses“, but who will have also good performance in sport. Foals born by us are being accustommed  since their first days for daily brushing, picking up hooves, putting on halter and leading on rope. They become konfident to people and manipulation with them is totally without problems.

If you are interested to meet us and our horses, you are welcome.