20.6.2018 was born colt Kendy LBVK,  after stallion Khadir, breeder Lenka Benediktova.

8.6.2018 was born colt Kichi D-Keik (Khadir-Derya).

14.4.2018 was born filly Deniz D-Keik (Khadir - Dorkeik)

1.3.2018 was born filly Goshlyk D-Keik (Khadir - Gowy Gowun).



20.3.2017 was born filly Mertlik D-Keik (Gobi Gush - Mukam).

2.2.2017 owners change - stallion Derkar, new owner Chenjie Hu, China.


30.7.2016 owners change - colt Geramig, new owner Lena Novotna.

18.6. was born colt Dumanly D-Keik (Derkar x Sirena)                   

15.5.2016 was born filly Gurjak D-Keik (Gobi Gush x Derya) 

18.4.2016 was born filly Dogrucyllyk (Gobi Gush - Dorkeik)

16.4.2016 new import, colt Khadir.

14.5.2016 owners change - stallion Gobi Gush, new owner Lenka Benediktova.

2.4.2016 owners change - stallion Dok Ada, new owner Karl Gűnther, Austria.



3.5.2015 was born colt Geramig (Gobi Gush - Mukam)



21.4.2012 We have new purebred filly Dalchyn Dodak (Gobi Gush- Dorkeik).



16.6 2013 was born colt Gowy Dost (Gobi Gush - Sirena).

8.6.2013 was born filly Gowy Gowun (Gobi Gush - Meksika).



3.10.2012  colt Dilewar Is Sold. New owner Pavel Rada, CZ.

New owner 2.7.2012 Added videos colt Dok Ada, you can find them in the Sale section

21.4.2012 We have new purebred colt. Her name is Derkar (Dahylly- Dorkeik).

5.4.2012 We have new purebred colt. Her name is Dilewar (Damask- Meksika) - For Sale

11.2.2012 Updated For Sale section

31.1.2012 Owners change: purebred stallion Dilemek - Vlasta Galova, farm GG



11.5.2011 On Dorkeik farm arrived stallion Gobi Gush from Clara de Vos.

10.5.2011 Dahylly travelled to Clara de Vos´s Argamak farm in Netherlands.

2.3.2011 We have new purebred colt. Her name is Dok Ada (Damask-Dorkeik).



22.4.2010 Add have new photos foals Manlayly and Dilemek and section Horses and people, Horses and animal, Riding and Various

28.3.2010 Add have new photos foals Manlayly and Dilemek and section Horses and people and Work with Horses

9.3.2010 We have new purebred mare. Her name is Manlayly

13.2.2010  We have new purebred colt. Her name is Dilemek

29.1.2010 Add new photos mare Sirena and in section Various, Herd, Horses and people, Horses and animal and Snapshot


27.2.2009 Add new photos filly Derya and in section Horses and people

18.2. 2009 We have new purebread mare, who was born  in 9:20 p.m. Her name is Derya.

15.2.2009 I complete all animals, who we have now or who we had once to photogallery to the Horse and animals section.

10.2.2009 New photos our mares Mukam, Sirena, Meksika, our stallions Damask and our colt Dahylly and in section Herd, Various, Horses and people

18.1.2009 I add new photos to section Herd, Horses and people and to section Our horses Dahylly, Dogulmak, Mukam, Gaspur


13.11.2008 – Our mare Shadyan was drop away to her new home today. Her new owner is Leopoldine Serra di Cassano from Switzerland.

17.10.2008 – Add new photos our mares – Shadyan, Mukam, Dorkeik and to photogallery section „Herd“.

3.10.2008 – Add photos from Mr. Sleha from „Horse in action“ show.

2.10.2008 – Add photos to photogallery to section „others“ from Europe championship.

29.9.2008 – Add new photos from Kristýna Znamenáčková, you can send it in photogallery section „Herd“ and in section and Damask, Dahylly,  Meksika, Mukam, Sirena, Shadyan a Dorkeik

28.9.2008 – Today morning was very very sad for us, because Meksika aborted in 6 months.

27.9.2008 – Today we should have been in AchalTeke European championship in Germany with our mare Shadyan. But in leaving day I was run temperature, and I can´t leave. To EC goes Viktor at least with  Kristýna Znamenáčková, who was made photos at all. Her photos is here:    2008/index.html

20.9.2008 Adedd new photos from show "Horses in action"

11.8.2008 Added new photos colt Dahylly and mare Mukam

21.7.2008 Add New Photos Damask in water

24.6.2008 Add New Photos Dogulmak, Dahylly, Herd

14.6.2008 Action/Show

29.5.2008  Add New Photos Mukam, Shadyan, Damask, Dahylly, Meksika

12.5.2008  Add New photos Mukam, Dogulmak, Shadyan a Dahylly. For salle gelding Pallamak

18.3.2008 - Was born colt DAHYLLY


20.10.2007 - In photogallery (Action / Show) you find other photos from show "Horses in action",  now from Linda     Welsh. Other photos in section Others from farm Akhateke Tukleky.

9.10. 2007 -  I added photos from farm GG (Other)

23.9. 2007  - I added new photos from action "Horses In Action 2007" in Pardubice to photogallery (Action / Show)

20.8. 2007  - We have new our official web site, because we can´t actualize our web site at